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The First English SAKE EXPERT® Acquisition Online Seminar

What you will learn

Learn the basics of sake, the making, the types and the regulations. You will experience multiple sakes and a wine for tasting notes and pairings. It's a small group to allow interactions and more learning. After the seminar, you will take a test for a Sake Expert certification.

Who should take the course

Anyone interested in Japanese sake Anyone who want to spread the enjoyment of Japanese sake to others People in food and beverage industry


20 years and over

Course name

SAKE EXPERT® acquisition online seminar


Conducted from 3 people

Seminar date

Saturday, August 6, 2022 13: 00-17: 00

Sunday, August 7, 2022 13: 00-17: 00

(with breaks on the way)

Course kit Before the seminar, you will receive a course kit with the textbook, 6 sakes and a wine for tasting and for taking the test.*

*Sake can only be sent to Japanese address

  • Please store sake in the refrigerator until the day of the course.

Seminar content

1st day Basics of sake: Contents: How to make sake, types of shubo, regulations of sake by the Liquor Tax Law, Tokutei-meisho-shu (premium sake), etc.

2nd day Sake Tasting and Pairing: Contents: Sake aroma component, 4 types of sake classification and pairing (tasting & pairing), golden rule of pairing, difference between wine and sake (tasting & pairing), effects that change with temperature, differences in taste depending on the glass, etc.

About the exam

After the seminar, you will be asked to take the test online. Please take the test within the specified period. The instructor will inform you about the announcments of the results and other information on the second day of the course.

* Regarding re-viewing Only if the student has applied in advance for that time, he/she can watch the video and retake the course for free for "one week only" after the seminar.

Course tool zoom

Online preparation Zoom settings, Facebook messenger download, internet connection, etc. If you are interrupted, you can get in touch immediately (Facebook messenger or e-mail)

Preparations for the course Purchase of dry mango, natural cheese, and shellfish string

  • All are available at 7-Eleven stores and/or other convenience stores. If you don't have a shell string, you can use eihire. They will be used on the second day of the course. Please check your internet connection before taking the course. You can take classes on your computer or smartphone. In case the internet is disconnected, please share the contact information (LINE, messenger, short mail, etc.) that you can always contact with the instructor during the course.

  • Please store sake in the refrigerator until the day of the course.

Course / certification fee

55,000 yen (tax included)* Basically, payment for the course is made by paypal.

Application deadline

Friday, July 22, 2022

※The first course will be an online seminar for Japan residents only.

JSA Master certified instructor Miho Okawa

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