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Sake Expert® Online Live Course

Live online sake professional course via Zoom Accredited by Japan Sake Association


It is an advanced qualification which is designed not just for industry professionals but also any sake lovers wishing to learn more and become a sake evangelist.

The course lectures and tasting start from the utter basics and progress towards advanced level including food pairings and sake tasting.

People from all walks of life have attended the course, including restaurant workers, cabin attendants, wine school managers, sommeliers, cookery researchers and food and sake writers.

2x 3 hour, and 1x 2 hour online live sessions and tasting + approximately 1.5 hour exam over 3 days


Saturday and Sunday 18, 19 and Saturday 25 March


10:00am to 13:00pm (UK GMT) Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 March

10:00am to 13:30pm (UK GMT) Saturday 25 March


£275 +VAT (Postage fee of study materials not included)

What’s included

  • The course fee includes textbook, sample sakes and a packet of snack (sent by courier prior to the day of the online class), tuition, and certification

  • The successful participants will receive an official certificate and Sake Expert® budge from the Japan Sake Association (JSA)

  • JSA kindly ask all the participants to prepare below for the day of tasting (Dried mango / Any type of cow’s milk cheese / A glass of white wine)


Via Zoom


We run the course in English.

Course Materials

All study materials will be posted prior to the day of the class.


You must be of legal drinking age of each country (18+ years old/UK)


JSA Sake Expert®Exam is held on the last day of the course being assessed by a closed-book examination of 1.5hour. Unit 1 - A theory examination of multiple-choice questions Unit 2 - A blind tasting requiring written answers. *A candidate is required to pass with a minimum mark of 70 per cent on each unit.


JSA Master

Instructor Membership Fee?

No annual membership fees.

Class Schedule (Subject to change)

Day 1 :Basic knowledge part 1 (How to make Sake/History/Definition by Liquor Tax Act/Ingredients etc.)

Day 2 :Basic knowledge part 2 (Label/Fragrance Components/Types of sake/Sake/Food pairing, etc.) + Sake Tasting

Day 3 :Advanced Knowledge (Differences in yeast starters/Microorganism, etc.) + Exam

What is JSA (Japan Sake Association)?

Established in 2015 by a sake Journalist Kaori Haishi, and Shibataya Sake Holdings.

JSA has a mission statement of "Make Sake from a National Alcohol Beverage to an International Alcohol Beverage! " JSA has branches in Taiwan, Italy, Thailand, and Brazil, and holds seminars in each country.

Why JSA ?

Point 1 The latest information

Sake production is constantly evolving, and JSA incorporates the latest information reported by active sake journalists.

Point 2 Learn to pair sake with food

At JSA, we do not just focus on the sensory aspect, but also on the logical question, "Why do they go well together?" JSA provides a scientific explanation of why sake and food go well together.

Point 3 Update your knowledge at brush-up seminars JSA holds 1-day seminars with breweries and other experts. You can update your knowledge even after you have obtained your qualification.

Point 4 No annual membership fee

JSA Master certified instructor Miho Okawa


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